Finland at Astana Expo 2017
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Pure energy

Finnish Pavilion

The Finnish Pavilion is designed by talented Ateljé Sotamaa with 25 years of experience in complex, high profile projects. The overall aim of the Pavilion is to create an intuitive, emotional experience, which sparks people’s curiosity, and causes them to explore issues related to Finland and the future of energy. The pavilion is a total work of art, where architecture and exhibition intertwines in a fascinating way.

The Design of the Pavilion

The pavilion is organized around freestanding buildings according to the subthemes: Pure Energy, Smart City, Clean Water and Excellent Education.FinlandInAstana_Illustration07

These are like buildings in a city or boulders in a landscape and each of their interiors tell a different story about Finland, energy and its future. The narratives focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, hightech solutions and education, which reflects the values of Finnish society.

In the pavilion the audience will be engaged in a spontaneous, dynamic ways. Visitors are free to explore, occupy and participate in the exhibition by doing things and by leaving their mark where events will take place. It offers possibilities of delving deeper and deeper into the subject which are matter of their individual interest.

The Pavilion delivers experiences to all of the senses

The design oscillates between digital and natural, representing Finland's close relation to nature and clean tech as a way of tackling environmental challenges. In the pavilion, visitor see the famous northern lights, they will dive into the underwater world and listen to the sounds of Finnish forests while experiencing the possibilities of digital solutions.

Holistic Vision for the Future

The exhibition builds a narrative about Finland’s holistic approach towards today’s energy challenges. It begins with a video installation of today’s Finnish energy leaders discussing the challenges of today, and ends with interviews of children sharing their dreams and visions for the future.

High Tech Wood
Finally, the Finnish pavilion is not only telling a story of sustainability, but is constructed sustainably. The buildings are built from wood, an ancient, natural construction material, which is at the same time high tech. Finland grows more wood than it uses, making wood products the most sustainable form of construction today. When combined with digital design and manufacturing techniques wood is also architecturally one of the most exciting materials to work with today. The Finnish pavilion, with its polymorphic form, is exploring new affects and experiences in wood construction.