Finland at Astana Expo 2017
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Pure energy

Kazakhstan - Opportunities for Finnish companies

Kazakhstan is a central hub for Central Asian countries and an increasingly important transit point between Europe and Asia along the new Silk Road.
Kazakhstan has made significant progress towards a market economy and has achieved considerable results in its efforts to attract foreign investment. Although vast oil, gas and mineral reserves continue to form the backbone of Kazakhstan’s economy, the country is striving to create a green economy. President Nazarbayev has introduced several initiatives and programs to speed up the shift away from raw materials to the production and generation of new high value-added and environmentally sustainable products and services. Kazakhstan’s transition to a green economy is reflected in the theme of Astana Expo 2017.
Astana tower
Bayterek Tower in Astana city

Be a partner to foster your business growth in Kazakhstan and Central Asia! Finland’s reputation as the only participating Nordic country and its partner companies’ reputation as frontrunners are strengthened through the joint efforts of the Team Finland network. Your company receives visibility in the Finnish exhibition corresponding to your contribution and business opportunities from joint marketing and communication efforts in Kazakhstan.