Finland at Astana Expo 2017
Finland logo Finland at Astana Expo 2017 logo ФИНЛЯНДИЯ - ТАЗА ЭНЕРГИЯ - Sharing pure energy
Pure energy

Sharing Pure energy

Finland will participate in Astana Expo 2017 with the theme “Sharing Pure Energy". Finland’s theme carries the slogan in Kazakh ”Финляндия - таза энергия” and in Russian ”Финляндия – чистая энергия”.

We are proudly presenting Finnish energy efficiency know-how including energy production and distribution, not forgetting other cleantech expertise fostering sustainable growth.
Sharing Pure Energy
In addition to cleantech, the Finnish pavilion presents digital solutions, education, health technologies and healthcare through our world famous Finnish design.

Welcome to join in! Finland at Astana Expo  2017 welcomes companies to become partners in our exciting journey of presenting Finland to the world. Together we can create and utilize the unique and unforgettable opportunity that the Finnish Pavilion at Astana Expo 2017 can provide.