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18.08.2017 16:31

Dimitry was the 200K visitor of the Finnish Pavilion!

We are quite proud about the number of people who visited the Finnish Pavilion. Our goal is 200 000 visitors and we have achieved it already on the 18th August.

Dimitry with his family came to Astana from Balhash City in order to visit the historical Astana Expo 2017.  Today was their first day in the Expo and starting from the morning, they had been visiting already many pavilions. They will stay in Astana for a few days and visit all the pavilions and see everything Expo has to offer.

In the Finnish pavilion, Dmitry and his family got a personal guided tour telling the story of the Finnish Pavilion, its design and the exhibits inside it.  According to Dmitry he received  a lot of new information about Finland and solutions of the new technologies.  He found the Finnish pavilion very interesting and different from other pavilions and liked it a lot. As a memory of the lucky visit, we gave gifts related to Finland and the Finnish pavilion to the 200K visitor.

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