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Isku Interior presents Finnish furniture expertise and innovations to support learning and human health

Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku Interior presents Finnish design and flexible working space innovations in Astana EXPO-2017. Isku is a company established in 1928 in Finland.

Isku designs and develops, produces and markets furniture and comprehensive interior solutions for homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities as well as for all public spaces. Isku’s values – Inspiring, Finnish, Ready to listen and Evolving – guide all operations. Isku wants to be the most distinguished and recommended service providing company of the interior design field to customers and employees.


Isku presents in the education section of Finnish pavilion its’ expertise in school sector. Digitalization and new technical equipment are constantly changing operating environments. New advances are also shaping the requirements placed on learning environments and their functions. The school of today is no longer a passive, but an activating and functional entity. The Isku Active Learning environments inspire to learn. Isku has operated in Kazakhstan many years especially in school sector. Isku has created interior solutions where the emphasis is on interaction, inspiration and active pupils, environments and communities.

Isku also has the world’s first inclusive and versatile collection of antimicrobial furniture. This collection is a unique and highly advanced solution to avoid all the possible infections and bacteria spreading in public spaces. Antimicrobial materials in furniture and surfaces are an effective solution to prevent illnesses together with washing hands and regular cleaning, decreasing up to 60% of HCAI (healthcare associated infections) and 20% of sick-leaves at schools and offices. Isku Health solutions are proven to improve human health and it answer to the global question how to reduce spreading of bacteria and infections in shared spaces. Isku Health solution brings value to the environment and in long term it is a wise investment.


Finnish expertise in furniture industry is one of a kind. High product quality and responsible production methods and inspirational design show in all solutions. The working environment is designed to support the individual and the working community, and to provide the best solutions, taking into account the functionality and comfort. A space that gives joy, inspiration, supports communication and well-being produces value.

The main theme of the Astana Expo-2017 is Future Energy. Isku is a forerunner and provides its customers with environment-friendly products made from locally produced materials with a minimal environmental impact. By developing the environment-friendliness of the materials used in products, Isku ensures their safety for the user and their recyclability at the end of the product’s lifecycle. Isku has strict material-specific environmental requirements for its suppliers that are based on the EU recommendations for environment-conserving furniture.

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