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01.06.2017 05:59

Oulu brings your future partners to Astana

The city of Oulu, the world’s northernmost tech hub, is known for its active development and versatile business structure. Oulu brings together education, research institutions, businesses and public sector. The ecosystem develops innovations in printed intelligence, wellbeing technology, cleantech, 3D internet, IoT and 5G technology for the benefit of companies worldwide.

Light and Energy (ThomasKast)
Photo: Thomas Kask/Visit Finland

Oulu provides a unique test and product development environment, which is open to companies interested in new technologies and digitalization. OuluHealth cluster is home to three versatile living labs for testing health technology and services with the help of professionals at academic institutions and public health. Both Life Science and ICT product development benefit also from the open 5G test networks of the ICT ecosystem. You can explore both OuluHealth and demos of new generation products at the Finnish Pavilion of Astana Expo 2017.

During Oulu Days on 18.–19. June some of the most innovative Oulu-based companies introduce their know-how and services in Oulu Hi-Tech Showroom. Flexbright provides mass production LEDFOIL technology.  PrintoCent Innovation Center commercializes the research results of printed intelligence and optical measurements. PehuTec is a product development partner providing its customer wireless, medical and industrial solutions based on new technologies. IoLiving brings Internet of Things (IoT) to your everyday life using dual stream data transfer. Olokoto, made by Mammuttikoti log house factory, is a small housing solution made of solid wood logs. Oulu Waste Management is responsible for the municipal waste management and has collected biogas since 1998 to be used as energy in industrial processes. Starting fall 2017, biogas will be provided for gas vehicles as well.

The University of Oulu, an international science university, creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. It is one of the biggest and the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland with 16 000 students. Oulu Convention Bureau is the city's official organization for meetings, conferences and congresses. Oulu is about so much more than just attending an event - it has attractions and plenty of activities to enjoy. Oulu profiles as the most visible event city in Northern Scandinavia.

Cleantech & Energy Days on 15.–16. August will tell the Finnish Energy Story, introduce the Finnish energy model in making an energy efficient city and tell how to motivate utilities and people to save energy as well as create smart and greener industry.

You are warmly welcome to find out what Smart City Oulu has to offer you – as an entrepreneur, investor, student or traveler. Welcome also to visit the Finnish Pavilion’s exhibition with themes ‘Pure Energy’, ‘Smart City’, ‘Clean Water’ and ‘Excellent Education’.

See the full schedule of Oulu Days on 18.-19. June here!

BusinessOulu is in charge of implementing the City of Oulu's industry policies, and providing growth companies with the services they require, in addition to promoting export, import, investments, and employment. With the help of its international partner network, BusinessOulu acts as a partner to companies and helps them grow internationally.

Further information:

Mr Petri Karinen, Service Director of International Affairs, BusinessOulu +358 44 7031 360,

Mr Henry Koivukangas, Senior Advisor of International Affairs, BusinessOulu +358 44 7031 303,

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