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19.07.2017 16:18

Today Finnish pavilion welcomed its 100K visitor!

It turned out to be Gulsum Bekzhasarova, who works as a bank manager. It is Gulsum’s second visit to Expo 2017 and it became special! Our visitor shared her emotions with us.

- Why did you decide to visit EXPO?

- Because it is a historical event. I wanted to see the scale of the project and learn more about future energy.

- What did you like the most in Finland pavilion?

 - In Finland pavilion I was interested by the zones of “Smart City” and “Excellent Education”. There are many interesting solutions designed to help people. The wish tree is also a memorable part of the pavilion.

- What do you think makes our pavilion different from pavilions of other countries?

- Here you can feel the space, the freedom. Also I want to note natural materials used to build the pavilion. This is cozy.

- Have you ever been to Finland?

- No, but now I definitely want to visit this interesting country!

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