Finland at Astana Expo 2017
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Pure energy


Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

We produce, market, sell, import and export alcoholic beverages. At Altia, we want to build and co-create a new, modern and responsible drinking culture. This idea is crystallised in our purpose: Let’s Drink Better.

Altia's own brands such as Koskenkorva, Valhalla, O.P. Anderson, Renault, Larsen, Xanté, Blossa and Chill Out have a strong market position and many of them a long heritage to cherish. The range of partner brands represented by Altia includes local and international brands from all over the world.

Our most significant clients are the Nordic alcohol retail monopolies, international alcoholic beverage companies, alcoholic beverage wholesalers, travel retailers, grocery stores, importers operating in export markets as Altiall as domestic industrial clients. Altia export alcoholic beverages to nearly 30 countries, most of which are in Europe. Products are also exported to Asia, North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Let’s Drink Better