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Isku Interior Oy

"We create design. Our design stories have their roots deep in Finland’s forests that inspire us to create best conditions for every interior solution."

Isku's innovations, ecological production methods and high quality materials processed using the latest high-tech solutions make the company unique.  Isku is Scandinavian family owned company who has generated Finnish expertise, quality and industrial innovations since 1928. Isku provides interior design and furniture solutions for public and private premises. Isku is committed to ensuring that the company's  customers are able to enjoy high-quality furniture while being confident that it has been produced responsibly.

“Our focus is to create experiences of success for our customers by designing innovative interior solutions for public spaces.”

Antimicrobial design for public spaces

Health touches us all. Isku Health is the world’s first complete collection of furniture that cuts down the spread of infections – without compromising comfort or good looks. Lear more about the antimicrobial design here!