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Vaisala - Environmental and industrial measurement

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Vaisala provides observations for a better world. Together with customers, Vaisala influences the lives of hundreds of millions of people every day.

Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala contributes to a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products, solutions and services that, for example, enable reliable weather information for aviation and traffic safety as well as energy efficient, high-quality operations for our customers.

Company's customers are professionals in meteorology, climatology, airport and road operations, defense forces, wind energy, life science, and chosen industrial applications. Vaisala also serves some innovative new business areas where environmental measurement plays a significant role.

Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs approximately 1600 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.