Finland at Astana Expo 2017
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Pure energy

Finland is the greenest country in the world

Fostering sustainable growth - clean and sustainable thinking runs in Finnish genes. Due to our unique Arctic location and resources, we have been constantly forced to shape the way we think, work, and innovate.

Clean technologies, shortly Cleantech, is a general term used for any form of technology and business, which seeks to increase performance, productivity and efficiency while reducing the harmful environmental impacts. Cleantech encompasses a broad base of products, services, processes and technologies, which enable us a sustainable use of natural resources.

 New clean technologies may include innovations, for instance, in the context of energy and material efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, waste management and material recycling, nutrient cycling, information technology, product life cycles extension. Also, education of engineers and future experts plays a key role in designing clean technology solutions.

Clean technologies help us to move towards a Green Economy, which stimulates sustainable development of nations.

Today, being the greenest country in the world (The environmental performance index, EPI 2016),  Finland is also a forerunner in renewable energy technology. Almost 40% of Finnish energy is produced using sustainable methods, and our expertise in smart electricity distribution grids keeps everyone’s power supply covered.

The secret behind our innovative bio energy technology lies in the Finnish nature. Our pioneering know-how and experience in the use of natural materials like wood, has given us a cutting edge position on our way towards more sustainable energy production. And when we want waste to have a new life, take us to places, and keep us warm, then our high-end expertise in waste management chains, recycling, waste-to-energy, and waste-based fuel comes in handy.

Smart production and usage of energy saves money, nerves, and the environment. We are happy to present the Finnish renewable energy know how at Astana World Expo - to foster sustainable growth together.