Finland at Astana Expo 2017
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Pure energy

Finnish Energy

Finland is one of the fore-runners in combined heat and power, waste-to-energy, bioenergy and forest-related industries. We use effectively the latest innovations and processes to solve energy related challenges, and co-operate with other countries.

Photo: Riitta Supperi/Keksi/Visit Finland

There are proven technologies to utilize different kinds of waste and bio-based raw materials such as municipal waste, landfill gases, sludge, agro and forest biomass, waste and side streams from food and beverage industries, and most importantly any combinations of these. Out of these raw materials bio fuels (gas, liquid), power and heat, fertilizers can be produced effectively.

Finnish companies can provide the whole value chain in the bioenergy/waste sector – starting from raw material collection and processing as well as end-product production. Finnish companies are also excellent system integrators in distributed renewable energy production.

In addition, we have developed energy technology innovations and related core competences in renewable energy (wind, solar, wave) and smart grids, energy and material efficiency, and recycling technologies.

In Finland, many smart grid functionalities – AMR, load profiling, real-time billing, remote control and monitoring – are already implemented in the system. Additionally, we are a superior testing ground for smart solutions due to the existing know-how, open energy market and favorable legislation. Finnish smart grid 2.0 network enables the R&D of smart utility solutions and services.